About was created during typhoon season  2010 in an effort to bring in depth English broadcast meteorology on typhoons to people across the western pacific and east asia. The site has since branched out to covering severe weather in eastern Asia as well as Australia.

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RobSpetRobert Speta is  a Broadcast / Operational  Meteorologist and the creator of He has eight years of operational meteorology experience in the United States Navy and has locally forecasted weather in over twenty countries. You can currently find Robert on Air Casting the weather for Newsline with NHK World  where he has been broadcasting the weather worldwide since April 2012. Robert has also been a member of the American Meteorological Society since May of 2011.  For an archive of videos produced by Robert please check the Youtube Channel.  If you wish to contact him please write to You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


Dr. Gerry Bagtasa

Gerry Bagtasa Ph.D. is currently with the Institute of Environmental Science & Meteorology of the University of the Philippines where he teaches and does research in the field of atmospheric science (i.e. meteorology, air pollution studies). He received his doctorate degree in atmospheric physics / atmospheric remote sensing in Chiba University, Japan (2007). Before that, he got his bachelor and masters degree, both major in physics, from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines. Gerry’s research works were mainly about air pollution, until he went into numerical air quality modeling and created which led to him doing several research projects on numerical weather prediction models. Besides developing algorithms to analyze weather model data, he’s interest also includes visual communication of weather information. You can reach Gerry through LinkedIn: Facebook Weather page: WeatherManila’s fb page UP-IESM

Pat a.k.a “rpweather”

Wx Caster Pat full name is Patrick Malejana; based in Long Island, NY he is working as an Operations Administrator with a private jet charter company.  Pat lived in the Philippines for 15 years and frequent typhoons hitting the country got him interested with meteorology. Pat took BS Aerospace Systems Technology and his courses with aviation weather as well as reading meteorological books and research papers found around the internet help expand his knowledge which is essential with the weather casting role in the website. Pat runs his own blog as well and can be found at  He is also a primary individual for broadcasting in westernpacificweather. His youtube channel can be found here.


James Reynolds

James Reynolds is a freelance videographer who specialises in covering extreme forces of nature. Based out of Hong Kong, every year he documents the biggest natural events and catastrophes to strike the Asia Pacific region including typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and floods. His footage is often seen on National Geographic and Discovery Channel and he often provides live news coverage for CNN and The Weather Channel. For an archive of this storm footage please visit his website at


Francis Chuah

Wx Caster Francis Chuah is a management lecturer in one of the public university in the northern region of Malaysia and is currently pursuing his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D Management). Exposure to severe flooding during monsoon season keeps him interested in researching and monitoring  local weather in the South East Asia especially in Malaysia. He is one of the page administrator for a local Malaysian facebook page specializing in updating  flood warning to the northern states of Malaysia.  Francis is currently the one of the individual broadcaster for South East Asia in Western Pacific Weather specializing in reporting weather across Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. He is also the technical administrator and back-end support staff for both westernpacificweather’s main website and facebook page.


Adonis S. Manzan

Wx Caster Adonis S. Manzan, dubbed “Weatherguy Adonis,” hails from Iloilo City, Philippines. His career as an environmentalist and as extreme weather enthusiast has led him to specialize in strategic collaboration with international organizations such as NASA in the USA and fellow storm chasers from around the world. As such, he does write on blogs online such as The Bay of Plenty Live ( in Whakatane, North Island of New Zealand, where he further his interests on the study with a wider latitude of shared experiences. He finds a deeper connection with multi-cultural linkages and common understanding as one primordial duty to impart knowledge, and an inspiration to others. Further, he believes in education as a turning point in advancing one’s wisdom, adequate experience as the best teacher which catapult individuals to unimaginable successes in everyday life and a living testament of Humanity in the service of the many.

The various scholarly researches on Meteorology from vast University resources around the world is what amazes him and feed his interest into understanding more beyond passion for the longest time. On a personal note, he finds it irresistible to build a strong connection between Meteorology and applied Sciences since he was a kid and even today. He thinks one’s pursuit to greater understanding of our Planet and the symbiotic relationship with the environment prove essential to survival.

He has been especially proud of having the opportunity to share his skills and knowledge with some of the generations’ brightest, to mention a few are his linkages with NASA Hurricane Page, where he provides updates on Tropical development that could have its impacts felt to his country, the Philippines and the rest of the Western Pacific.

He can be reached through: or




Mike Adcock

Mike Adcock is an Operational Meteorologist with the United States Air Force since 2000.  During that time, Mike has forecasted weather in six of seven continents with a focus on aviation meteorology.  He earned his BS Geosciences degree with an Operational Meteorology concentration from Mississippi State and is currently working toward a MS Geosciences with an Applied Meteorology focus from Mississippi State.  Mike is a member of the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association.  Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Mike has been based in Honolulu, Hawaii, since October 2016.  It was in Kansas City where severe weather first grabbed Mike’s interest in weather.  With his travels around the world, Mike’s interests have broadened to include tropical meteorology.  You can follow Mike on Twitter ( and Youtube (



Clark Eligue

Wx Caster Clark Eligue, currently based in Mandaluyong City, Philippines is a practicing Network Service Desk Engineer for one of the biggest Telco companies in the United States. An avid storm watcher, his main weather interest is tracking storms as they move through the Western Pacific. An encounter with Typhoon Ruby (Unsang) in 1988 sparked his interest, along with teaching of map navigation by his uncle who was studying to become a pilot at the time. From that point forward, neighbors and friends ask him the ever-present question: “May Bagyo Ba?” (Is there a typhoon?). He used old pagasa bulletins and input from radio veteran analysts and tv forecasters to relay info to others, creating hand made maps and posting them on community walls and school bulletin boards.

With the advent of the internet and sharing of information among peers, his passion to learn and be informed has taken a new level, made him become member of several forums, including Storm2K, WesternPacificForecast and the Tropical Cyclone Discussion Group. Later on, this interest led to a desire to inform his countrymen about the hazards of approaching typhoons and his hunger for knowledge, It led him to run his own weather site at named the Manila Typhoon Center.



Lexter Strike “Lextrike” Ibasco is currently taking up his BS Civil Engineering in De La Salle University, Philippines. Currently living in Manila City. He started to like Meteorology when Super Typhoon Harurot (2003) made landfall over Northern Luzon. He saw the power of the storm on how it destroyed many areas in the Northern Provinces. With that it sparked his interest on Extreme Weather. His interest further deepen when Typhoon Milenyo (2006) directly pass over the Capital city of the Philippines. It was his first major storm interception since he started to like Extreme Weather. After this storm, his goal is to spread knowledge and warnings for other storms that may affect the locality and eventually the whole Philippines towards friends. As more storms affected the Philippines, it continued to amaze him on the movement, behavior and intensity of the Storm. Such notable storms he experience: Frank(Fengshen), Ondoy (Ketsana), Santi (Mirinae) and Basyang (Conson). When the monsoon affected the Metropolis, it also sparked his interest in other Extreme Weather. His main goal is to let the public understand the warning that the administrative weather agency is issuing. He even aspires to become a Meteorologist someday and help to spread the basic knowledge of weather and climate especially Extreme Weathers.

He can be reached at his personal Facebook page ( Twitter:
His weather site is at (Facebook: | Twitter:


MEW at DZRJ small

WxCaster Michael Williams

WxCaster Michael Williams is a long-time veteran of radio, where he has been a news director and anchor for several stations for the majority of his career. Being born in the sub-tropical region of the USA, Michael became interested in tropical weather at a very early age, spending many years in self-study of tropical cyclones and related phenomena. Now living in the Philippines, Michael lends his talents in public information delivery to the website and on Facebook for residents of the Western Pacific.


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  1. What a great site! Please keep up the good work, I live in the Philippines and this kind of information is VITAL for me and my family. Thanks!

  2. I just like to inform you that i’ll be making a farm-growing vegetables here in Hong Kong.
    I also have a farm in 2011,but my family soon moved to a new house where it took 5 months before i had found a suitable land for growing.
    Your future updates could be vital for a good crop harvest.

  3. Robert,
    Best of luck in your new post!

  4. Your site is so helpful to me and my family in Mindanao. I hope your new post does not mean the end of this site?


  5. I like your new look, great design.

  6. The background your referring to is actually a picture I took in the Philippine sea, glad you like it!

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